Automated SLA Management for B2B Delivery

Step into a future of streamlined service excellence with intelligent automation, revolutionizing manual Service Level Agreement (SLA) management. By automating monitoring, ticketing, and reporting, this innovative solution eliminates errors, reduces delays, and empowers staff to focus on strategic initiatives. Experience heightened service quality and client satisfaction in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Key Benefits

  • Improved accuracy and efficiency in tracking SLA compliance.
  • Timely identification and reporting of exceptions.
  • Enhanced transparency and collaboration with clients.
  • Reduced manual effort, allowing staff to focus on strategic tasks.

Best Suited For

Network Operations
Customer Support
IT Services

By ushering in the era of intelligent automation, organizations can break free from the shackles of manual intricacies inherent in traditional Service Level Agreement (SLA) management. This transformative solution not only eradicates errors and delays associated with vigilant monitoring and ticketing processes but also empowers staff to redirect their focus towards strategic initiatives.

As a result, operational efficiency is enhanced, ensuring a consistent adherence to SLA requirements and ultimately elevating service quality. This paradigm shift positions organizations to meet the dynamic challenges of the business landscape, fostering heightened client satisfaction and bolstering long-term relationships.

The Automated Process

1. Email Monitoring

The RPA bot will be configured to continuously monitor designated email accounts for the creation and resolution emails associated with network issue tickets. 

2. Ticket Information Extraction

Upon detection of a new ticket creation email, the bot will extract relevant details such as ticket ID, platform information, and timestamp. 

3. Resolution Timestamp Extraction

The bot will identify resolution emails corresponding to the extracted ticket ID, retrieving resolution timestamps and any additional relevant data. 

4. TAT Calculation

Using the extracted timestamps, the bot will calculate the Time-to-Resolution (TAT) for each ticket, considering the specific SLA timeframe set for the client platform. 

5. Exception Handling

If the calculated TAT exceeds the predefined SLA timeframe, the bot will mark the ticket as an exception and proceed to compile the necessary information for reporting. 

6. Data Aggregation and Reporting

The bot will aggregate data, including ticket counts, TAT calculations, and any other relevant metrics. It will generate a comprehensive report, typically in Excel format, summarizing the weekly or monthly performance. 

7. Exception Highlighting

Exceptional cases, where the TAT is breached, will be highlighted in the report for easy identification by management and relevant stakeholders. 

8. Automated Report Distribution

The bot can be configured to automatically send the generated reports to the internal management team on a predefined schedule. Additionally, an option to send reports to the respective clients can be implemented to facilitate transparency and collaboration. 

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