Discover the transformative journey of telecommunications with TIAC – because the future is intelligent, automated, and waiting to be written.

Elevating Telecom's Future with Intelligent Automation

Founded on the collective vision of industry leaders, the Telco Intelligent Automation Council (TIAC) stands as a beacon for progress in the telecommunications realm.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to advance the adoption and understanding of intelligent automation within the telecommunications sector.

Our Roots

TIAC emerged from the industry’s pressing need to bridge the gap between traditional telecommunications and the ever-evolving world of automation. A not-for-profit entity, TIAC was established by pioneering members who recognized the transformative power of technologies like AI, machine learning, and robotics in revolutionizing the telecom landscape.

Our Membership

From its inception, TIAC has strived to build a diverse community. Our membership spans leaders from telecom, Telco biz-dev professionals, consultants, advisors to visionary individuals. Each member contributes uniquely, making our collective a melting pot of knowledge, experience, and innovation.

Our Partnerships

Believing in collaborative growth, TIAC has forged dynamic partnerships across three critical sectors: industry, knowledge, and academia.

Our industry partners infuse our endeavours with real-world telecom expertise. Knowledge partners offer insights into emerging technological domains, while academic allies drive our research and co-learning endeavours.

Our Vision For Tomorrow

As we look to the future, TIAC’s goal is to be the catalyst for change, driving the telecommunications industry toward an era of efficiency, innovation, and unparalleled growth. Join us in shaping this new dawn.