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AI-powered automation can transform the way enterprises operate by eliminating costly errors, improving process efficiency, and automating mundane tasks so humans can do their best work.

But when we set out to learn more about how telcos are leveraging intelligent automation (IA), we discovered that gaps in automation strategy were holding the industry back.

Many leading telcos had seen successes with IA in different ways, but these individual wins weren’t consolidated and standardized into a wider industry framework for IA implementation.

Each enterprise would answer questions such as “How do we prioritise processes to automate?”, or “How can I prepare my workforce to work with IA” in their own way, without industry best practices or guidelines to refer to. 

We — telco industry veterans and leaders across different continents — quickly realised the merits of centralising these findings, failures, and successes in IA to pave the way for our industry collectively.

Thus, The Telecom Intelligent Automation Council (TIAC) was formed to provide essential context around intelligent automation strategy for the telecommunications industry.

Our goal is to guide telcos through the age of intelligent automation by equipping them with the tools, knowledge, and guidance they need to enhance how they plan, implement, and measure enterprise IA programs.

Our Membership

Join the TIAC community, network with fellow industry leaders and veterans, and contribute to our research and leadership efforts.

TIAC offers various membership tiers to accommodate telco leaders with different experiences and professional backgrounds, ensuring a diverse community.

Our Partnerships

TIAC has partnered with leaders from both the telecommunications and intelligent automation industries, with industry partners from UiPath, Microsoft, Vodafone, Verizon, TurkCell, and more.

Our partnerships keep TIAC engaged with the latest IA industry trends, new capabilities, and developments in the way telcos leverage intelligent automation.

Our Vision For Tomorrow

TIAC strives to become the telecommunication industry’s central body for intelligent automation strategy and knowledge.

We’re looking forward to connecting with new members, expanding our partnerships, discovering new IA use cases, and changing the way enterprise leaders and workforces alike view automation.

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